Braves Nation Are You Ready????

As the 2007 season draws near, I can’t help but be reminded once again, just why I love baseball so much. Any one who loves this game as much as I do, would agree there is no better time of the year than summer! I have to say despite a tough loss this year(Adam LaRoche!!!),Braves nation is very optimistic about the new year. We have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most fanatical  Braves fans in the world! This blog is a thank you to the real Braves fans out there who went out and supported the boys, despite there struggles last year. These fans are the reason that I’m proud to be in Braves nation! The group of fans I want to say thank you to, are as follows: Laroches Ladies(we feel your pain!!!), Adam’s Army(We feel your pain as well),McCanns Cans(where can I get one of those cool costumes!!),Frenchies Foxes(Can you say All Star!!!),Andruws Brew Crew(He’s gonna be a Brave next year, just think positive!!!, Members of the Chipper Jones club house(Can you say M.V.P.!!!), and for anyone I left out sorry!!! We are planning our yearly visit to the Ted, at the end of May. My wife and I, hope to join all of you in Atlanta to root our heroes on to the World Series!! Forever I will bleed Red and Blue!

Your Freinds Here At Braves Central!!!!!!!!!!!

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooo Braves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One comment

  1. Jaq

    Well looks like Braves Central is looking like a ghost town out here. Let’s see some posts. We need some more Braves bloggin’ going on. I’m a diehard part of Braves Nation since 1980. Happy Bloggin’. We’re off to a good start with 5 in a row after tonight!
    JB in ATL

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